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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Something on My Mind

At first I came in Diponegoro University, I have told to my self. I want and I should to be Debater here. this is my dreaming.
nowdays, i often join debate competition on my collage. and i always fail. I can't to be the winner. i ever thought "why am I in informatics? if I in english literature of course I can improve my english and will be debater like my dream.", but then I thought, "Fifa, english is just contributor. this is just language. u can learn it although in unformal study. but informatics, u can't. u need teacher". I just remember what my friend said," u just now Mathematic and english then u will know anything". well, in informatics i learn Mathematic. now, I should learn english. I'm in a right way I think. hehe
back to debate. from debating on collage, there're many things that I get. it's not as easy as like on high school. my teacher train me, we prepared so long, the motion we discuss together, and other easy things. but now, no trainner, no preparation, and the motion, we just get H-7 even impromptu. awfully, in informatics here i rarely practice in english so I rather hesitant to speak.

that was me
and my all friends who helping in debate training.

those were me and my debate partners
there's my teacher also

I also have a dream to be exchanged student. i want go abroad, that means my english should be good. maybe from now, I'll try to use english on my daily life. U must be think "why dont just having a course?" haha.. i don't want to make my mom in mind. furthermore, my scholarship will give free english course, althougt i dont know when. :)
I hope, I can be fluent in english. sorry for my bad grammar or vocab, I'm still in developing. however, I'll try to use english more. like my teacher said, "U never learn Indonesian language, but u know it belonging the grammar. because u always practice it. now just practice english, then u will know!"


  1. blogger magelang datang berkunjung sob...kunjungi balik ya kawan.......

  2. saya sampe meneteskan air mata waktu baca tulisan ini :(
    karena ngga ngerti bahasa Inggris :v


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