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Sunday, June 17, 2012


Yesterday, my friend Rafa suggested me to sign up on Google Adsense. it's since I know that he had been approved by GA. I thought it was interesting. then I was looking for GA info in internet. I read an article that told about GA. "GA will prefer approve an english blog". okey, then I tried to write in english. unfortunately, I had no idea to write. hehe. I was confused until finally I found my old article in my PC. it was my essay that I wrote in essay writing contest by Goi peace Japan. I was in second grade of Senior High School at that time. Now, When I read again. Oh, God! it's really bad essay. haha.. but no proplem, I think it's better if I publish here instead of being useless in my PC. :')
Well, here it is!! An essay with tittle "WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD WITH THE SIMPLE THINGS".

            Peaceful is desired by everyone in this world. Therefore, many people trumpet forth “peaceful” word, but why peaceful it self does not we feel yet until now? Look ! We can see various of tribes in this world still get poverty, criminality are happened everywhere, and even war also still go on. And it will be happened continuedly if no plan from us to change it.
            Actually, the key from peaceful it self is in our hands as the young generation. We can change the world altought the change can not we see directly, because as we know change is a step by step prosess.  Just never thing that we are still young and can not do anything for a peaceful world. Instead, our hands really have big influence for it. It is because we are the young generation that will replace every leaders in this world.
            To reach a peaceful, we do not need to do wonderful things, like joinning in a war, assembling much money for poor people,  creating technology considerably, etc. Those are too exaggeraate. Actually, with the simple things we can creat a peaceful world. The keys of it are just two things.  Those are sense of giving and respecting to each other. We do not need to thing deeply about how to apply they both on every people in this world. Just apply they both on our self. We knew that we can not change every people of the world, but we can change the world throught our self. Just imagine, if every people thing like that and apply they both on their self, so we will see all of people in this world have a sense of giving and respecting.
            After they both are on everyone self, particulary on our self as the young generation. What will happen? A peaceful of course.  Ya, altought we can not see it now, but we can see a few years later after we grow and replace every leaders in this world. Is it as a country leader, family leader, or a leader for our self?
            The sense of giving and respecting that have stuck tightly on our self since young, it will be the bright way that send us to the peaceful. With the sense of giving to each other, we can see the world without poverty, hunger, greed, exploitation, etc. and with the sense of respecting to each other, is it a respecting to our self, to difference, to existence, to earth, to future, or others, so we will see this world without war, drugs misuse, global warming, etc.
            Therefore, let's we apply the sense of giving and respecting to our self for now. With the simple things like that we can creat a peaceful over world.


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