Aku menulis apa yang ingin aku tulis, bukan yang ingin kamu baca.

Monday, July 23, 2012

You are Me

When u are in a crowded but u feel so quiet
When you have a lot of friends but u feel so alone
When u feel so bored, but u can’t to out
Then u ask your self, what are u suppose to do?

When your heart’s so roomy but u feel so empty
When you force to fill it but It rebounds instead
When u try to love but it’s hard enough
Then u ask your heart, have u been unloveable?

When u feel that u have rainbow, but u have no color to be painted
When u feel that u have heart, but u have no sense to be felt
When u feel that u have world, but u have no one to be shared

U feel that u can’t do anything
U feel that your heart has frozen
U feel no one , no sense, and no color in your life
So that u are me


  1. terharu, sampe nangis2 saya bacanya :(
    *krna ga bs bahasa inggris


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