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Monday, September 17, 2012

Me and the things that I did in this last week

I have many stories in this week, the last week exactly. I joined on the “seminar nasional ilkom” as a comitee. And I really unregreet it. On the Friday, I did a “glady bersih” for this event at 3 pm. Unfortunately, there is an other event on Sudarto building, the place of this glady bersih, that was “Corean Day”. So, we should pending it. But no problem, because of it I can see corean day for free. Hehe. I also tried to wear corean clothes at that time. Don’t worry, I’ll uplode the picture soon.
After corean day was finish, the glady bersih was begun. I was so tired because I was going home at 11 pm.
The next day, Semnas was be held. I wear batik as the comitee dress code, and I look like adult. Heehe. I got many free food on this event. Hoho. So yummy. Even I brought it home. Oh ya, there’s one thing again that u should know. Ready? Oke! Look! I… I… I met my favorite lecture. Not just met, I sat beside him, talked to him, and even he asked my name? Huaaaa!! Sorry if I was so Lebay. Haha. That’s me. Hehe. He is Mr. Indra. He teach operating system in my college study. Hehe. I hope he doesn’t forget my name.

Oke, that’s all my unimportant story.

P.S : oke, here's the picture!!!


  1. Hy kak...
    salam kenal ya dari Bumi Arema Malang.
    hee. . .


  2. Replies
    1. hai juga kak arya, tumben di mari.
      ada angin apakah? hehe

    2. Entah. Mungkin angin sepoi-sepoi..
      Btw,bagaimana kabar dosenmu itu, si Mr. Indra? Hihihihi..

    3. Entah. Mungkin angin sepoi-sepoi..
      Btw,bagaimana kabar dosenmu itu, si Mr. Indra? Hihihihi..

    4. kirain angin tornado yg menerbangkanmu ke sini.

      eh, jadi di baca beneran tulisan di atas. hhee.. jadi malu.
      Mr. Indra kayakna lg week end sama istri dan anaknya. hahha

  3. sebuah pengalaman yang bagus, dan... itu bukan lebay kok, hehe...


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