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Monday, May 20, 2013

Keep my finger cross

It’s almost mid night and yah, It has been three days since my dorm wifi was broken. So that, I'm spending my time now just for surfing. I don’t know why. I am just remembering you, bloggy. And I just wanna make my finger dancing on the keyboard for you. Although actually I don’t know what should I write.
Bloggy, Do you know what I feel now? It’s like so… Mmm.. worry, afraid, doubt, pessimist, and ya, something like that. Maybe it is also that makes me can’t sleep now. Altought I know My body is really tired.
Bloggy, I have a dream. I know that if I wanna get it, I have to more special than others. I have to more struggling than others. But, I think, I am just so so. This dream is  5 cm in front of me, but I know it still can’t lose suddenly like a dust. Oh my god, I feel not good in my heart. Hope. Hope. Hope. I really wanna it. Ya Allah, give me the best. Maybe, now I just can keep my finger cross while waiting the result announced. Bismillahirahmanirahim. Wish me luck. Amin.
PS: I don’t know what’s picture that I have to put on this random and unimportant post. But, my random brain just thinking about this picture. At least this picture is still able to make me laugh although in this apprehension. Thank you for my beloved friend <3 norma and emi. :-*. We are three girls with each contrast character, but we are best friends.

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