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Friday, February 21, 2014

What's happened in Singapore at 2014?


Yaps.. I am in Singapore. I will stay here in two months for internship program. Recently, I am accepted to be intern researcher in one of universities in Singapore with Artificial Intellegent as my project focus. But damn! I am kidding. Yah, it's just edited. Sorry.

So now, I just want to talk about my resolution in 2014. I hope it's not late yet since it has last of February. Haha. Well, let's start to the point. In 2014, I hope I will be more friendly, talkactive, confident, cheerful, being brave to see people eyes, and not being such a big fat thinker! Seriously, It's my bad habit. Too much thinking just makes me stress and wastes my time. Maybe I have to enjoy everything by setting positive mind  and just say "All is well!" or "I don't care! I love it!" or "Allah doesnt give what I want because Allah gives what I need".

And.... Beside those, I also bring some big missions in 2014. So, I hope I will always remember what's actually my major and I can be a computer science maniac, focus on it, get my proper IELTS or iBT TOEFL certificate, get a champion trophy, and get internship in Singapore. Amien.

PS: It's first time for me writing my resolution in public. Usually I will hide it until it can be achieved because I am afraid people will laugh at me if I fail. But, yah! Now, I don't care! I love it! I wrote what I wanna write, not what people wanna read. :)

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