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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I lost my focus

"Do I change? or it was my mask that fell off?"

I don't know why. But, I have been so tired to always be nice with others. Honestly, I am not enjoying when I have to always say "yes, u are right!" or "Yes, I think so". I am really really tired.

I know I am Geek. People used to have dificulty to understand me. That's why when I was elementary school, people kept bullying me. I had no friends and... Okey, I don't want to talk about it. 

But anyway, recently I like to stay alone instead of keep talking with people who have different passion with me. Maybe because I am INTJ. I realize that sometimes I have to talk about other idea, but it makes me lost my focus. I know the idea is not always bad, but it is not my passion, it is not my ability, and I am tired to always use "yes" mask. 

I am tired, I am tired, and I am sad. Why do I never find people who have similiar thought with me? in this college I mean, in this rest of half undergraduate degree. Am I that Geek? or freak maybe? am I the only one people with this type? But, how about friends when I was high school? How about friends when I was still in first quarter of undergraduate degree. Have they changed? or their mask have fallen off? just like what I may to do right now.

Stay with them, makes me unconfortable. I am not antisocial, I am not too chooser, but pllease understand me, understand INTJ people, or introvert people for exactly.

Ahh!! why am I so complainer? why is my english grammar so bad?

Fifaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop always asking like that!


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