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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hall of Fame

Dear bloggy...

 I am listening a song now. It is "hall of fame". It reminds me on something. About the feeling when first time i saw the announcement that i am selected to be GSA. Yeah.. i was always turning on this song at that time.

That feeling..tasted like when i was selected to be exchange student or like i got funding from dikti or when i had to meet SBY representing BM undip or when undip selected me on mathematic olympiad or many other.. .

It feels like all my struggle are answered. My exhausting, my sucrifing.. ah.. yah.. you know.. the feels when u achieve what u chase hard. it feels like i am the champion..

I miss that feeling.

Now.. in my senior year of college, i even don't have a plan or target to be struggled. I just realize.. sometimes i worry my future too much so that i forget that i also need happiness at present. It's true..

Well, now i am confuse.

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