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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Mid Night Dilemma

I know it’s mid night. I am staying awake because I have to study for tomorrow’s KKN exam. But, please... I can’t focus on it. There is something dancing in my mind. Yes! It’s dilemma. I need to write down here, to make my dilemma (at least) be decreasing.

Again, I see my friend with his masterpieces. Something that I wrote in my college check list but isn’t achieved yet. Surely I am envy (envy in a good side). It doesnt mean I am sad because he can, but I am sad because I can't.

Well, i think i need to tell a little bit about my 7th semester. Mmm.. actually.. I really waited for this semester. I planned a lot of this semester. Why? Because this is the only semester left for me to join those challenging IT competitions, such as Gemastik, PKM, compfest, etc. Even, I have written my idea about those programs, not only idea.. my PKM proposal is even almost finish.

But, something terrible happened in the beginning of this semester. A really really terrible, so that make me really stress on the month. I got an accident. I had no time, no power,  and no spirit to even apply the competition. So sad! Usually, I have partner beside me.. She will be my second hand when I am in the trouble like this. But.. she is.. Mmm.. Ah! I miss Norma.

Ok! to conclude... Yes! Now I can’t stripe my check list that I made since a first semester.  I don’t join any competition, I can’t get a championship trophy. Yah! But I can’t only be sighing like this. Patrick is right! “It will be ended with happiness, if it’s not happy it’s not end yet.”

Maybe I have to sacrifice a more time. It’s okey if I have to meet  9th semester to stripe this check list. As my friend said “Ini bukan tentang lulus tepat waktu, tapi tentang lulus di waktu yang tepat.” I just want... when I am graduating later, I have achieved a lot of memorable experiences. Because it’s not easy to get to this college, so that.. as long as I am a colleger, I have to do it.

Wish me luck! Help me God! Amin...


  1. Come on, Fifa! You did it again!
    We have dealt, havent we?
    Do not blame that accident for your problem..
    You have to move on about that accident.
    Allah doesn't give what you want 'cause He gives what you need.
    Maybe that accident was the answer for your sighing about your tiring activities and your questioning to get rest and relax for a while. Remember?
    *talk to my self*


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