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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

I am missing home

Hello world..

I've just installed a blogger app on my phone, and this is my first post using it. Yes, I am not with Patrick right now, so Bambang is fine.

By the way.. i am really missing home. I know I've just been staying few days in Semarang. But, "missing" is not about how long we separate. It is also about how big i need them right now. I am so desperate with this f*cking damn ass thes*s. I need them to make me calm.

Ah well, i found this pict in my gallery. So, let me introduce you. She is my mom, of course. It's weird because she is taller than me. Haha. Daughter used to higher than her mom. Maybe i got the thingamajig gene. i forget the name.. "gen resesif" maybe. So, like....

Tt >< Tt = TT, Tt, tt

Maybe I got this "tt" on my chromosome. Haha. But, hey.. let see the positive side. Because my mom is taller and bigger than me, it is really comfy for lying in my mom's arm. I used to do that when sad.

Oh ya.. he is my lil brother. I like to hug him, even if he has grew up now, and he hates my hug. Haha. I don't care! I love it! Maybe it's cause he is the closest man whom stay in my life till now. He is pretty funny, caring, and honest.

I miss them.. :)

I miss my sister too... my father too..  but, my mom and my bro are more. Maybe because they are the only people that I used to meet at home.

Well, now i get my mood back by this writing. I am ready to fight my thes*s. Bye. :*

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