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Friday, February 21, 2014

What's happened in Singapore at 2014?


Yaps.. I am in Singapore. I will stay here in two months for internship program. Recently, I am accepted to be intern researcher in one of universities in Singapore with Artificial Intellegent as my project focus. But damn! I am kidding. Yah, it's just edited. Sorry.

So now, I just want to talk about my resolution in 2014. I hope it's not late yet since it has last of February. Haha. Well, let's start to the point. In 2014, I hope I will be more friendly, talkactive, confident, cheerful, being brave to see people eyes, and not being such a big fat thinker! Seriously, It's my bad habit. Too much thinking just makes me stress and wastes my time. Maybe I have to enjoy everything by setting positive mind  and just say "All is well!" or "I don't care! I love it!" or "Allah doesnt give what I want because Allah gives what I need".

And.... Beside those, I also bring some big missions in 2014. So, I hope I will always remember what's actually my major and I can be a computer science maniac, focus on it, get my proper IELTS or iBT TOEFL certificate, get a champion trophy, and get internship in Singapore. Amien.

PS: It's first time for me writing my resolution in public. Usually I will hide it until it can be achieved because I am afraid people will laugh at me if I fail. But, yah! Now, I don't care! I love it! I wrote what I wanna write, not what people wanna read. :)
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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Happy Birthday Facebook!

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Kini ketika sejenak telah mengizinkanku kembali
Ku rasakan sejenak memberi kenanganku lagi
Sejenak mebawaku pada halamanku
Sejenak membisikkan berjuta ambigu lekat
Rasa yang tak pernah ku temui di halaman mereka
Sejenak mulai membuatku tertunduk
Di halamanku sejenak membuatku merasakan tidur lelap walau sedetik
Di halamanku sejenak memberiku ruang tuk ku hirup walau sejengkal
Di halamanku sejenak memberiku cahaya tuk menerangi walau secerca
Di halamanku ku rasakan beribu doa mengitariku
Di halamanku aku selalu punya waktu untuk memperhatikan diriku
Walau itu sejenak, tapi itulah sejenak
Mungkin sejenak pula yang akan mengembalikanku pada halaman mereka
Kembali bertarung tuk capai sejenak kedamaian cita
Dalam luka, sakit, dan darah
Dan ketika itulah kuharap sejenak benar-benar sejenak
Hingga ketika sejenak membawa kedamaian cita
Ku harap sejenak tak lagi sejenak

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