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Wednesday, April 4, 2018


Musim semi itu identik dengan cuaca yang hangatnya. Musim yang sangat ditunggu-tunggu, apalagi setelah melalui musim dingin yang membekukan. Di musim semi juga pemandangan-pemandangan sekitar menjadi indah. Ini dikarenakan bunga-bunga sakura yang mulai bermekaran. 

Di korea, pemandangan yang indah seperti ini tidak pernah dilewatkan begitu saja oleh orang-orangnya. Cuaca yang hangat, pepohonan yang merah muda, langit yang biru, tentu saja hal ini merupakan perpaduan yang pas untuk traveling.

Nah, kalau kamu juga ingin traveling saat musim semi di Korea seperti orang lokal, berikut hal-hal yang harus kamu lakukan :

1. Bersepeda

Di Korea kamu bisa menemukan fasilitas peminjaman sepeda dengan mudah di pinggir-pinggir. Cukup dengan 500 won kamu bisa meminjam sepeda per jam-nya. Cara meminjamnya pun cukup mudah karena terdapat mesin peminjaman yang terdapat pilihan bahasa inggrisnya juga. Beberapa kota di Korea juga memiliki sungai besar dengan pohon-pohon sakura bemekaran di sampingnya. Misalnya di Gapcheon, Daejeon atau Han River Seoul. Bayangkan naik sepeda di sepanjang pinggir sungai dengan hembusan angin di sela-sela bunga sakura serta gemericik birunya air sungai, pasti seru bukan?

2. Piknik

Piknik di dekat Gyeongpo Lake, Gangneung
Hampir setiap kota di Korea memiliki taman yang selalu penuh dengan orang-orang berpiknik saat musim semi. Cuaca yang hangat dan pohon-pohon merah muda ikut mengahangatkan kebersamaan saat berpiknik bersama keluarga, pacar, atau teman-teman. Yang khas jika berpiknik di Korea adalah membawa dosirak, yaitu semacam nasi kotak sebagai bekal untuk di makan nantinya. 

3. Jalan-jalan di Taman

Jalan-jalan di Taman Pai Chai University

with Friends

Bersama hewan peliharaan berkeliling taman saat musim semi juga sangat-sangat membantu menghilangkan stress. Apalagi sesekali berhenti untuk berfoto di bawah pohon sakura yang sedang mekar. Seruuuu!!!!

4. Berkunjung ke Kebun Strawberry

At Nonsan Strawberry Farming

Musim semi adalam musim dimana strowberry-strowberry sedang berbuah banyak. Karena musim semi adalah musim panennya. Kamu bisa datang ke Kota Nonsan untuk ini. Di situ kamu bisa melihat perkebunan stroberry langsung dan makan langsung dari pohonnya. Sangat sejuk dan segar!!

5. Berkunjung ke Festival-festival

Strawberry Festival di Nonsan
Musim semi di Korea selalu di barengi dengan banyak festival. Mulai dari Festival Bunga Tulip di Everland, Festival Strowberry di Nonsan, Festival Starlight Cherry Blossom di Daegu, dan lain-lain. Masing-masing festival punya kekhasan-nya sendiri makan dari itu jangan dilewatkan dan ambillah foto sebanyak-banyaknya di situ.

Festival Bunga di Yurim Park Daejeon

- Afifa & Tyasha -

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Friday, March 16, 2018


International Winter Olympic is only conducted once in 4 years, and this time South Korea got the chance to be the host. I have been really hoping to watch it since first time I came to Pyeongchang 5 years ago. I've never thought that I will be in Korea again, moreover this year when Winter Olympic is going on. So, seeing directly the euphoria of Winter Olympic 2018 in Pyeongchang had been on my bucketlist. Thanks to Daejeon International Center for giving the opportunity to watch it. It was so amazing!!!!!

Please see the video that I made about my travel in Pyeongchang below ~

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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Travel to Busan

Well, this time I will share how I spent my holiday at this semester break. But before that, let's take a look back about what I did at last semester break. That time I spent my holiday in front of my computer (to code) until I forgot anything. Almost one week I always stayed in my dorm and when I went outside suddenly Daejeon felt like zombie town. 

"What did I miss? Why is it so silent? Was there zombie attack? Am I the survivor?"

Wait... It's Sunday. No one at school at Sunday. You are too much watching movie, Fifa!!!


I was almost crazy because of always staying in room for almost one week in a row.

That's why this semester break, I'm trying to not even touch programming world, since I will not able to stop once I started. And I decided to go to Busaaaan!!!! Yeay!!!

I love Busan
I've already told my Professor about my plan to Busan so I can visit my future lab, I've already told my Indonesian friends in Busan so they can arranged my itinerary, and I have even arranged the place to sleep (in my sister lab. Haha). But you know what? I almost cancel it.

This semester break I pulled out my wisdom teeth which made my face swollen, can not talk properly, can not eat normally, and anything. I actually should take a rest for one week because of that.

But yeah! I didn't listen the doctor and just went to Busan. 

I arrived Busan around 10 pm at Feb 22nd 2018, so I decided to directly sleep in my friend, Putri. Putri is a freshmen in PNU and will be in a same lab with me later. Anyway, because she has just came from Indonesia, she directly provided me Indonesian food upon my arrival. I couldn't deny and ignored my wisdom teeth problem. Haha. Thanks Putri.

The next day, I came to my lab to meet my Prof. I knew him even before I applied KGSP. I have met him in Indonesia once. All these time, I have a lot of chat through Kakao Talk with him already. So I was so excited!!! He brought me around the lab and introduced me to all lab members.

Oh ya.. that day, there was graduation ceremony too in PNU, which is good news because I can see directly how is the graduation euphoria in there, but also bad news because the friends that I pointed to be my guide tour (haha) have to visit their friend's graduation.

So, after meeting my Prof, I just joined Gifari to go to Beomoesa Temple. Gifari is actually from Cheonan. He was also traveling to Busan like me. In the evening he had to go back to his city, so we only visit Beomoesa in a few minutes. But, fortunately Beomoesa is really nice. On the way to the temple, we didn't hike so much (which is I like it. haha), and the view beside it is like a forest in Harry Potter movie. So nice! From the temple we can also see other mountain hills clearly, like we are in the top of sky. Amazing!

In Beomoesa Temple

The next day... as I trusted my travel itinerary to these Busan people, Edi and Genio. I ended up visiting Megabox watching Black Panther.  ---___--- Come on?! Daejeon also has Megabox! Haha

But, It's ok. I like watching movie anyway. Hahaha. Shall I give review of this movie in here too? haha.

After watching movie, Edi, Genio, Yani, and I visited Busan Tower. First time seeing this place, it reminds me of Namsan Tower in Seoul. We can also hang "lock" in here. The good thing also we can see city view from here, which I think will be more amazing at night. 

Yani, Me, Edi, Genio

Busan Tower and Statue of the Great Admiral Yi Sun-sin

Lock and Lock (?)

After that, we went to Songdo Beach. This place is also really nice. Not just only because the landscape which is (of course) really wonderful, but.. in here we can play with birds like in Nemo movie. Hahaha. like giving them food while imagining them saying "mine! mine! mine!" (in hangugo). Hahha. Oh ya, there is cable car also here, and something like sky walk (I think 0.0'a).

Songdo Beach

Do you see the cable car?

Eating ice cream in the beach is kind of relaxing.
Btw, they still blame me for choosing green tea ice cream -_- Come on?! It's green!!

just shoes -_-

"mine! mine! mine! mine!"

The next day, Edi and I visited Oryukdo Skywalk. Here we walked in the transparent floor with cliff and sea view under our feet. But, not as I imagent... the track is so sort, so I think is not challenging enough. Hehe. Maybe because I have also visited Janghang skywalk in Seochon which is more challenging and able to make my knee shaking. But from here, we can see sea view from the hill which is also really nice.

Enjoying the view from Oryukdo

Skywalk Track

In the Afternoon, we went to Gamcheon Culture Village. I said it's like Kampung Pelangi in my city Semarang, but Edi said it's like Kampung Jodipan in his city Malang. So, yeah! this kind of thing is not new for us. But after I visited it directly, I think it's not that bad. Instead, it is really great. I think Gamcheon Culture Village is more organized and well-prepared to be international tourist place. In the corners of this village, there are some info about the culture, museum, souvenir shops, photo spots, etc. So yeah, Semarang should learn from it I think.

Gamcheon Culture Village

Inside the museum
Cotton Candy!!!

At the evening, we went to Dadaepo beach. We planned to see sunset since Edi has ever captured a really good sunset view in here. Unfortunately, the sky was not in a good mood that time. It's cloudy. Well, mission failed. Haha. So we just walked around the beach then played stone skipping. Well, we can predict the result of course. I am really zero in stone skipping, not like Edi. -_-

Rocks in Dadaepo Beach

the failed sunset

Playing stone skipping

So yeah, those all the places that I visited in Busan last time.

I first time went to Busan 5 years ago, when I was exchange student, and this is my story --> click here

Thanks for reading and have a nice day :)

Photo bonus!! Hahaha (taken in a light fountain close to Dadaepo Beach)

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Sunday, February 18, 2018


So, finally I got this cute pink ramyeon.. "CARBONARA BULDAK!!!"

Christine, Me, and Pocky
We were trying this Carbo Buldak for the first time.

It is a new variant from Samyang. Because of this new product, now we have more options if we want to taste different variety of ramyeon.

Well, let's take a look more of this carbo buldak!

Start from the packaging...

That is how it looks like from side and top. It's actually really big tho. The height is around 8 cm but the diameter is around 13 cm. And I like the color! I don't know it's because now is February or because it's pink, but I feel the love when I see it. Hahaha

And the other things about the packaging are :

1. It has line inside the cup, which ease you to measure water that should be poured into the cup.

Do you see the line inside?
It's not clear in the picture but trust me,
you will find out when you have it.
 2. It comes with chopstick and you can use this to pin the lid while waiting the cooking process.

See that chopstick pin the lid!
3. You can make three holes at the lid easier, because they put three triangle things on the lid. That way you can easily pour out the water.
Make the holes with chopstick then drain the water

By the way here is the complete direction about how to cook this Carbonara Buldak!!

Click the picture to zoom it!!

Now, how's the taste? You must be wondering right?

If you have ever tasted the original one (the black one), here's the clue.... half of the red liquid sauce from that original samyang plus cheese are combined into one, THAT'S HOW IT TASTE!!!

This is the look of red liquid sauce, cheese powder, 
and the noodle after we mix it.

I know that the original samyang is really really spicy.. but because this carbo samyang only has half amount of that red liquid sauce from original samyang, so it's not that spicy. Otherwise, because it also has a lot of cheese, it tastes creamy, but still spicy! Haha... Don't be confused! It's creamy and spicy in one!

And the noddle is very chewy, I think because it's big like worm. That's also the thing that makes it different with the original one.

Anyway, I like it so much!!

If you wanna see clearly how's it taste, you better see our video when we tried this new carbo samyang for the first time! Click the youtube video below!

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