Aku menulis apa yang ingin aku tulis, bukan yang ingin kamu baca.


Hallo there..

My name is Afifatul Mukaroh, but just call me Fifa.

I was born in Kendal, grew up there.

But after my high school graduation, I lived my own life in Semarang for bachelor study. Yes, I studied computer science in Diponegoro University. During my bachelor study, I stayed in Korea for one semester in student exchange program (2013) and had been selected to be Google Student Ambassador in period of 2014 -2015.

After my bachelor graduation, I was being volunteer as Android facilitator on one of Google Developer Group programs. I was also being an intern in Canadian NGO called Eqwip Hubs. I was also a part of national start up developers called Nyayur.

Now, I am a KGSP awardee. Yeay!! I will go to Korea again to study Computer Engineering in Pusan National University, Busan. But at first, I will attend Korean Language Program for one year in Pai Chai University, Daejeon.

So, yeah.. That's just a slightly journey of life. What else about me? Hmmm... Yes, I love writing, watching movie, cyber surfing, and food. Oh ya, I was INTJ person since 5 years ago, but recently I found my self as INFJ person. Some people think I am a silent person, some others think I am a fool and talk active girl. Haha. But what I think is.. I am an introvert who like to be noticed by the world. I know right? It is very contradictive.

That's all from me.. and nice to meet you... :)

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Hallo there, you can call me Fifa..
I am Indonesian who is currently studying in Korea.

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