Aku menulis apa yang ingin aku tulis, bukan yang ingin kamu baca.



  1. NB: itu semua gue ambil pake kamera HP.. huhuhu.. Menyedihkan! ada yang mau nyumbang kamera buat saya? hehe

  2. wuiih , keren Blognya .. salut dah.. !! semangat terus buat nulisnya ..!!

  3. wow... gallerynya qren...!!! salut dah... jempol 4 wat kamu!!


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Hallo there, you can call me Fifa..
As the start, I think I will let you know that I am INFJ-type person. If you are not familiar to this personality, let me tell you that Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, and Jimmy Carter are also having this personality. I believe that the main purpose of life is happiness, and if we care to others' happiness, we will feel that happiness on us too. Oh ya, if I have to choose between right or kind, I used to choose kind. Nice to meet you.

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