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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Winter Holiday - Gangwon Do

Winter is coming, snow is falling, and it’s time to explore some winter resort. Korea is one of the best to be your winter holiday destination. Just like what I did at this middle of December with Korea Tourism Organization. We went to Yongpyeong Ski Resort. Actually there are many winter resorts in Korea which is worth to be visited, but Yongpyeong Ski Resort is the most famoust one. 

Welcome to Yongpyeong
Yongpyong Ski Resort is a ski resort located in Daegwallyeong-myeon, Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do of South Korea. As well as skiing facilities, the resort offers golf in the summer months. It is the largest ski and snowboard resort in Korea. The resort is owned by the Unification Church (the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity), a new religious movement founded by Sun Myung Moon, through the Tongil Group. Yongpyeong-myeon, a nearby township (myeon), is not related to the resort. 

At the time we were coming (13 december 2013), there were festival that be held by Yongpyong. it was Snow Tube Race Festival. So Amazing. We joined sledge contest that began from 10 am until 12 am. At this contest, we just ride a big tire and then slide on the ices. The sensation is so incredible!

sledge contest

After that, we had lunch and continued the next schedule. It was ski! For south East Asia people like me, it was so amazing because it was first time for me trying ski. I really enjoyed this sport because I will not be able to do this sport again in my country. And It was not as scary as I thought before. As long as we wear complete ski equipment, it gonna be safe. Just slide and enjoy it. Don’t forget to stop or you will crash something. Haha. It’s pretty easy. Just make your foot be like letter A and you will stop.

Around 5 pm, we went back to Hotel, we had dinner in the main hall and celebrated the main event such as speech from KTO, watching video, games, and contest announcement. Oh ya, there was lottery also. So, before we enter the main hall, we would be given a small card with a raw of number written there. Randomly, MC would take other small card from the box. If our number was same with what MC took, we would get a prize. It really made my heartbeat increase. One by one the number was announced and it was not mine. Usually I will be lucky about something like this. That’s why in Indonesia my campus mates call me “Ms. Gretongan”, means a girl who always lucky to get something freely. Haha. I just thought, maybe in Korea “Ms. Gretongan” is not effective anymore. But at last, the first prize announced, a coat worth KRW 400.000, number was taken by MC and that was mine. OMG! I have still a lucky soul where ever I am. Hahaha
I am not sure I will use it in Indonesia, so I give it to my friend
wow korea supporters
in main hall

On the night, all Wow Korea Supporters gathered and we made a small party. We played games, shared about our impression to Wow Korea, and laughed together.

small party
The next day, we went to icheon cheese school. Here, we made a pizza and cheese. Interesting but not as delicious as I thought before. You know I am not expert on it. But because I was hungry, I ate and nothing left at all. haha. Oh ya, at that time snow was also falling, so we played snow battle for a moment. Haha

Making Cheese
Making Pizza
So sad it’s the last trip for us as Wow Korea Supporter. The closing ceremony will be held on 23 December and maybe it will be our last meeting. I will miss it so much. Thanks KTO for experience me the inspired of Korea. 

Korea! be inspired!

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