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Saturday, April 28, 2018

3 Days 2 Night of Gangwon-do Trip (Yangyang, Gangneung, Chuncheon)

Yeay!! Finally I come back with Wow Korea Supporters after 5 year since last time I was exchange student in Korea. You know what I even put Wow Korea Supporter in my to-do list essay during KGSP application. Haha. But, not like 5 years ago, this time Wow Korea Supporter selection is so hard and competitive. But, here I am again. So happy!!

Anyway, here I want to share my first trip with Wow Korea Supporters. This time we went to Gangwon-do!!! We visited three cities, Yangyang, Gangneung, and Chuncheon. Each city has special tourism place and special food too. Don't you curious with these? Haha.. Well, let's check out!

Day 1 - Yangyang

First day of our Gangwon-do Trip, we visited Yangyang area. Do you know? Apparently since 2008 there is an airport in this area, called Yangyang International Airport. So, if you want to go to Korea, it’s also fine to not land in Incheon. Moreover, Yangyang International Airport provides free visa program until end of 2018 for some countries including Indonesia! Yeay! Tourism spot around Yangyang also nice. There is Naksansa Temple, a temple that was built right beside a sea. So from here, you can see beautiful sea view too. There is also Naksan Beach, a beautiful beach that is very good for seeing sunrise or being visited at summer. It’s surrounded by Pine tree, white sand, and clear water. Really good for just playing or swimming. Oh iya, if you come to Yangyang don’t forget to try Makguksu, kind of noddle with ice. Noddle and ice? Very unique right? Just try it! Haha.

Yangyang Itnl Airport

Yangyang Itnl Airport
Naksansa Temple

Naksansa Temple

Naksansa Temple

Naksansa Temple
Naksan Beach

Naksan Beach

Day 2 - Gangneung

The second day of our Gangwon-do trip, we went to Gangneung! Yeay! The first place that we visited was Jeongdongjin Rail Bike. Here, you can ride a rail bike of two or four people along the beach with sea and mountain view. Oh ya, the beach in Jeondongjin also used to be visited at the first sunrise of new year. This place is really good for traveling with family or dating. After that, we visited Haslla Art World, an art museum where you can find Pinocchio gallery, contemporary gallery, stone gallery, and others. For you who like art this place is really recommended. Next, we visited Coffee Cupper Museum. In this museum, we can know the history of coffee and see the tools that being used to make coffee from times to times. Oh ya, here we can also practice to make coffee and drink it by ourselves. For food in Gangneung, please try Jeonbok. Jeonbok is kind of sea snail which is famous with its high price and high nutrition. Last time, it's only eaten by King in Korea. The taste? Hmm… better you taste it by yourself! Haha.

Jeongdongjin Railbike
Jeondongjin Railbike
Haslla Art World
Haslla Art World
Jeonbok Sujebi

Day 3 - Chuncheon

Third day of our Gangwon-do Trip, we went to Chuncheon. First we visited Mullegil Canoe Riding. Here I ride canoe for the first time and it was really fun. I thought it's gonna be scary but it's not. In Chuncheon, our lunch is Dakgalbi, chicken with gochujang sauce and cubbage. It's really delicious. Dagkalbi is special food from Chuncheon so you should try it if you come here. Next, we visited Garden of morning calm, kind of park with flowers and plants that change following the season. Here, the atmosphere is really fresh and calm as its name. Moreover, that time rain was falling and the sound made it more calm.

Mullegil Canoe Riding


Garden of Morning Glory Calm
Garden of Morning Calm

Trying to be calm

I made full video of this trip. Check my youtube here :

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