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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

First Time Having Birthday Abroad

Well, I hope it's not too late.. But,


From those five people in the picture, I am the last that having birthday here. It 's started from Pocky, Isna, Milli, Zatil, Tyasha, then me. Since I am the last.. I can read the pattern about how they celebrates a friend's birthday. It's sometimes full of awkward acting, predicted surprise, or hey-today-is-my-birthday hints. Lol.

For example in Isna's birthday, suddenly Pocky said that I had a headache and I need Isna's medicine, but I looked so normal, so Pocky and I ended up laughing. In Tyasha's birthday, we planned to suprise Tyasha after she has slept, but she was just keeping awake. Otherwise, in Tyasha's birthday, I am the one who got suprise because I slept earlier than Tyasha, so the others need to wake me up first before celebrating Tyasha's.

Well, in my birthday... I thought it's gonna be awkward too.. but apparently... still awkward.. Haha!! But I was totally surprised. I mean.. they suddenly came to my room in the middle of the night.. when I was finally able to fall asleep ... while before that I was struggling a lot to sleep because I had a kind of problem in sleeping those times. Something like insomnia, but not insomnia, only... I need more time to get a real sleep after I lie down my body in the bed. Haha...

Tasya even said "You looks like feel annoyed". Hhahahha....

The real is.. I felt like my brain was still sleeping. I couldn't think, I couldn't express anything..

"Where am I? Why am I here? Who am I?"

Okay... I am too dramatic.

But, I thank so much to all my friends... I can feel the caring.

And I like the presents so much, although they didn't cover it with paper wrap. Haha. But it means they really know me well.

I just remember when our class had christmas party. We had to buy a present worthed 5000 won, for then exchange the present. I argue with my friend that instead of spending 1000 won to buy present box or paper wrap, better use that money to upgrade the present. "I am ok even if my present is covered by newspaper.", I said. Lol.

I just woke up. So ya, that's my pajama.

The next day in the class. Suddenly my classmates also brought cake to the class, so we sang happy birthday, then we ate the cake together.

Jeongban Classmate :)
So, this is the feeling to have birthday in other country. I am so happy. But I think it's not the place that make it like this. It's not whether I am in other country neither in my country. It is just because I have amazing people around me. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

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